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Karisma Records DA
Postboks 472
N-5805 Bergen

Mobile: +47 95 74 92 19
E-mail: kvammartin at hotmail
Homepage: http://www.karismarecords.no

Circles End
c/o Trond Lunden
Bergensgata 5A
N-0468 Oslo

Mobile: +47 95 80 86 50
E-mail: circlesend at circlesend dot no


Patrick Wilder: patrick at circlesend dot no
Trond Lunden: trond at circlesend dot no
Jarle Pettersen: jarle at circlesend dot no
Audun Halland: audun at circlesend dot no
Jon Trygve Olsen: jon at circlesend dot no
Omar Emanuel Johnsen: omar at circlesend dot no
Erik Jacobsen: erik at circlesend dot no

* LATEST NEWS|18 Jan 07subscribe!

Our lead singer, Erik, decided to quit Circles End a while ago, in order to work on his own solo projects. Although this is sad news for all of us, it will enable us to move our music into new territory, as we have more or less decided not to replace Erik with a new lead singer. New material is in the works, and a release is imminent, we just don't know exactly when. Keep up the good spirit!